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Planning a wardrobe: C) Adding tops, outfits and sportswear

Before we go any further, it’s a good idea to think about whether you’re going in the right direction. Do you like your (future) wardrobe so far? If not, think about what exactly is bothering you and how you could change it. Maybe you’ve chosen the wrong skirt and it doesn’t go with the others, or maybe the color combination you’ve chosen doesn’t work as well as you imagined. It would be best to fix such things now, before you invest more time in it. Change the skirt or maybe the colors or start over and do it differently. Also, make sure your wardrobe matches your preferences, whether it’s the ratio of skirts to pants or the type of accessories or cuts. Once you’re happy with the result, we can move on.

What do we add next? First, two tops and a necklace. It can be tank tops, T-shirts, shirts. Just pick whatever you feel is most lacking in your current wardrobe. Maybe it’s a patterned t-shirt, maybe a lace tank top, maybe a shirt. Next, a skirt, a matching sweater or blouse, and shoes to go with the skirt. Now, it really depends on your relationship with skirts. Maybe you never wear them and don’t want to, so add pants instead. Maybe you have a mainly pants wardrobe, then one skirt is fine. Or maybe you only have skirts for now, so add one pair of pants. This step is all about adding what’s missing. But like I said, go with your preference.

The next step is to add sportswear, so sneakers, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt or jacket. But the t-shirt can also be patterned, matching other things in your wardrobe. Finally, one whole outfit in your style – top, skirt or pants, sweater. The second option is a dress. Either one or two and a cardigan to go with it. You can also add things that are missing from your wardrobe. In short – add any three pieces.


The necklaces are already in my wardrobe so I didn’t look for them, but you can add more of course. I also added tops in olive – a tank top and one long sleeve. I don’t wear short sleeves much, I prefer tank tops. I chose a red skirt, pink doesn’t combine so well, I wouldn’t want white and beige and I already have one in the other main colors. The shoes for the skirt can be ballerinas, but I added one pair of pumps for dancing. I’ve also added a pink bodysuit and a beige summer sweater that I already own, two dresses, a red sweater and a set for sports – leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt and sneakers.

Our bohemian witch was missing several things in her wardrobe – another purple blouse, a proper necklace, a nice top with lace and a striped shirt. Instead of a skirt, I added a pair of pants so she would have two of them as well as a skirt, and a grey shirt with a gradient. She was missing a top in that color. A pair of plain black sneakers and a corduroy jacket instead of a sweatshirt. It can be worn with pretty much anything and adds a more bohemian touch to the outfit (as does the hat). Finally – two purple dresses and a pink oversized sweater. This gave us a wardrobe with lots of options – depending on her mood, the wearer can choose a more feminine or more sporty look. She can dress for work, for a walk or for a date. For the colder seasons, she might need some tights, but we’ll get to that.

A dramatic wardrobe needs a leather (or here suede) jacket with zippers and a striped shirt. The necklace in this wardrobe is colorful, modern and – what else but – creative. I added a pink tank top and a top in apricot color that wasn’t in the wardrobe yet, a blue typically dramatic dress, yellow pants (one color just isn’t enough) and sneakers, and a white turtleneck. As for the skirt-shoes-pants ensemble, I went with a plaid sheath skirt, which, although not completely neutral, will go with most tops and sweaters, followed by a sleeveless blouse and white pumps. White shoes are quite impractical and unusual, which is exactly why few people have them and they fit into a dramatic/creative wardrobe.

To summarize, in this step we added:

  • two tops
  • a necklace
  • a skirt (or pants)
  • a blouse or a sweater
  • shoes that go well with the skirt (pants)
  • t-shirt for sports
  • sneakers
  • sweatshirt (or jacket)
  • top + skirt/pants + sweater (or 1-2 dresses with cardigan)

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