Discover your personal style

How to develop a personal style

The 5 crucial steps of creating your own personal style are:

1. Find the colors that look best on you
2. Learn how to dress for your body type
3. Choose elements of 2-3 fashion styles you love
4. Put it all together to create your unique personal style
5. Make a capsule wardrobe plan, shop and shine!

I’ll walk you through all these steps in the guides below.

Your personal color palette

The seasonal color typology is very shallow and inaccurate, so I don’t follow it and instead use my own method for making a customized color palette for each person. I’ll show you how you can create yours at home.

Dressing for your body type

Do you know which clothes styles, patterns and materials are perfect for your body? Do you know how to buy clothes that respect your lines and curves? You’ll learn how to best enhance your natural beauty and find clothes that feel like second skin.

Define your personal style

Colors and shapes are the foundation, which we’ll fine-tune to create a style that will respect your personal preferences, needs and personality. You’ll choose which parts of fashion styles are suitable for you and combine them to define your personal style. 

Capsule wardrobe plan

Finally, we’ll solve the everlasting problem of many women. No more full closets and nothing to wear! You’ll create a wardrobe plan in your newly developed personal style that will be practical, versatile and full of things you’ll love – simply the wardrobe of your dreams.

Still feeling lost?

Not even with the tutorials could you find your style? Did you encounter an obstacle you are unable to overcome?

I’m happy to help you with colors, styles or wardrobe planning. See what’s possible.

Do you have any questions or is there something missing? Contact me at or through the contact form.