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Are you tired of struggling alone? Need an objective outside perspective on your style or colors? Want a wardrobe or outfit suggestion from a professional?

I can provide what you need, including:

  • Style counselling/coaching
  • Customized color palette
  • Capsule wardrobe design
  • Outfit recommendations and other virtual stylist services

But... why me?

Are you wondering if I’m the right “stylist” for you? I hope my approach shines through in all my texts and posts. But if you’re still on the fence, here are 3 things I do differently:

Won't box you in

Style typologies and trends inspire me, but I don’t follow them. I tailor everything to what’s unique and specific to YOU. I’m not gonna try to shove you into a narrowly defined category.

See what works

I can see right away what works together and what doesn’t. I can combine colors and styles to create a logical and aesthetic ensemble. But I also see what suits you, your body and your overall vibe.

Know my stuff

After almost 15 years of dealing with fashion, I dare say I have the knowledge. I developed my own process for making color palettes and wardrobe plans, and have plenty to pass on.


I provide style advice and consulting via email or Google Meet. It will be the most helpful if you have specific questions, need direction or to get an unbiased outside perspective.

I can not only answear you questions, but also recommend a direction based on your looks and what you tell me about yourself, and create a Pinterest board with some examples, for starters.

My hourly rate for counselling is 35$.

Find your colors

Colors matter. They do. I know from experience that choosing the right colors makes at least 50% of any style. But you can forget about seasonal color typology. It’s outdated and doesn’t take into account the uniqueness of each person.

Instead, I’ll create a customized palette that includes only the colors that suit you. Plus, I’ll even categorize them according to their appropriate use.

All I need for this is a photo of you in a good lighting. You will then typically receive your palette within 2-3 days.

And the price? Only 40$. (Not cheap here in Europe, but probably cheap for you :-))

Capsule wardrobe design

Do you know your style, but keep struggling with your wardrobe? Not sure what to buy and how to combine it? Do you want to make it easy to get dressed in the morning, have something for every occasion and still have the confidence that your clothes will match in color and style?

Leave it to me. I can design a capsule wardrobe in any style, make sure it is well color coordinated and put it all into a visual layout, so you can evaluate if it’s to your taste.

I’ll include a list of links to buy the clothes, too. And if I’m totally wrong about something, I’ll edit the design for free.

Get your personalized design for 320$.

Virtual stylist

Do you want to feel like a celebrity for once in your life and find out what it’s like to have someone design customized outfits for you?

We can work on one-off or regular basis. I will get to know your style and preferences, take your body shape and colors into consideration and design a complete customized outfit (or more) for you.

This service is perfect for you if you are tired of spending a long time figuring out what to wear and shopping or want to try out several styles without much commitment. You can also gift this experience to someone else.

The outfit packages (just design, excluding the price of the clothes) start at 45$ an outfit plus 35$ for a first consultation. Once I know your style, you’ll pay only for the outfits.

If you need something that’s not described on this page, let me know and we may figure something out.

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