Planning a wardrobe: D) Winter clothes and some dresses

We already have the foundation of the wardrobe, now we need to adapt it to the changing seasons. So far we are missing a winter coat and boots, sandals and clothes for summer and something comfortable for home. We can add a few accessories.

So first we’ll add a coat, scarf and boots, and for dresses and skirts, some stockings – ideally some thinner ones for spring/autumn, some regular ones for formal wear and some thick, warm ones for winter. The plan for these wardrobes doesn’t include underwear, but speaking of those stockings, I recommend getting two good quality, well-fitting bras as well. Usually one white or nude and one black, but it depends on what color of tops you wear.

The other addition to your wardrobe would be five pieces of jewelry or accessories and a handbag. Next, 4 pieces of home clothes (shorts, sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt, possibly a dress). Finally, a summer dress, a light sweater and sandals. We are nearing the end, after this addition there will be a final step in which we will just fill in the gaps according to our preferences.

First, then, the coat – pink, the only acceptable one I could buy. And a scarf, gloves and lace-up winter boots. I’ll leave out the jewelry, I’ve only added one necklace. One handbag is enough for me, but I could do with a handbag for more formal occasions. For at home, I added a second pair of leggings (just enough to match my casual t-shirts and sweater, they can be blue, I prefer patterned), a tank top and a sweater. Finally, flip flops and two dresses – olive and yellow (a complementary color I haven’t used yet). Every summer I somehow get the urge to own a yellow dress, but so far I haven’t managed to find one that fits. And that’s it for now.

Our witch got a purple coat for her wardrobe ( I could have got a more suitable one, but only with a photo on the model, so we’ll settle for this one), black boots and a white scarf. I found a purple and blue handbag with black handles – I couldn’t help but add it, as well as a pink and purple tank top that I happened to find in the right color. That’s how a wardrobe is sometimes created. To go with the starry tights, blue bracelet, crow necklace and amethyst earrings. For home or sport, there are grey leggings with a branch motif, a blue T-shirt with a print, a brown-grey sweatshirt and grey denim shorts for summer days. Patterned maxi dresses with brown sandals and a crocheted, long white bohemian sweater are the icing on the cake.

For the dramatic wardrobe, I found the perfect coat in pink, with beige ankle boots and a blue scarf. The second handbag is patterned and aptly combines beige and blue. In terms of accessories, there are two colored earrings, a bracelet, simple pink beads that will go great with the sheath skirt and blouse, and white and gold earrings perfect for shirts. The home kit includes beige sweatpants and shorts with a decorative belt, a grey t-shirt (the only piece in our other complementary color) and a white sweatshirt. The summer dress is striped, yellow, white and grey and is complemented by turquoise sandals and a yellow sweater. I’ve noticed that most of the sweaters here are over the head and something to throw on (besides the jacket and blazer) is woefully lacking.

To summarize, we’ve added:

  • a coat
  • a scarf
  • winter boots
  • tights
  • 5 pieces of jewelry
  • a handbag
  • home clothes
  • a summer dress
  • a cardigan
  • sandals