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Planning a wardrobe: B) Everyday wear and accessories

In the second step, we add a few things and then it’s time to make the first evaluation or adjustments to the growing wardrobe. While it’s possible to start shopping right away, I would rather recommend setting aside a weekend or a week to do a complete wardrobe plan and then start shopping gradually. You may end up not being happy with the first version (I wasn’t) and decide to change your plan.

For now, we’ll add to our example wardrobes:

  • a pair of casual pants or skirt,
  • a blouse,
  • a handbag,
  • 5 pieces of jewelry/accessories,
  • two tops,
  • a set of pants/skirt, shoes, and a cardigan.

The choices will depend not only on the style but also on the colors. Again, the best way to understand this is by looking at examples.

The staple of my wardrobe are skirts – I find pants uncomfortable, so I added a long olive skirt and one nayv in knee-length. Navy is not usually my first choice, but I already own it and it goes well with all the tops I included. I also added red ballerinas, one pair of boots and one pair of sandals.

Finding a suitable soft, romantic and large handbag is a struggle, I’d prefer brown or green one, but I’ll have to settle for beige. This one is from Anekke. I’ve added tops in colors I don’t have in my wardrobe plan yet, plus a versatile white tee, and a pink cardigan – albeit a light one, but in this case it doesn’t matter, it’s a lighter version of my main pink, I can wear it too and it goes with everything.

Accessories (scarves, belts, …) are not my thing, so I added some jewelry. You should include five things in your plan, so maybe two scarves and three pieces of jewelry (earrings, bracelet, a watch or a pendant). But if you also don’t wear accessories, add only as many as you’ll actually use. Alternatively, you can replace a few accessories with one other piece of clothing that will add a little spice to your wardrobe. For example, buy a patterned skirt, a top or a corset if it’s your style 🙂

I updated the witchy style plan as intended – the grey handbag with brown ornaments is interesting, but not overly noticeable. A brown hat, some witchy jewelry (with a boho ring), a purple tank top and a long sleeve shirt – since we already have one with short sleeves. Pants for casual wear can be grey jeans, I also added a patterned long skirt, a looser bohemian blouse, a neutral cardigan and brown ballerinas. Already this wardrobe has 9 variations of top + skirt/pants combo, plus you can swap sweaters and shoes or accessories. However, three tops won’t be enough for most people for the whole week and all seasons, so we’ll go even further. But first, let’s take a look at the last wardrobe.

The bright wardrobe was enhanced with two t-shirts, earrings, two scarves, a belt and a watch. I also added a pink sweater. The second pair of beige pants are more casual, and in addition to them I added blue jeans and loafers in the same shade. The beige handbag is given life by the snake pattern. The basis of a creative, colorful yet compact wardrobe.

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