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Planning a wardrobe: A) The first four essentials

Before you start creating a wardrobe plan, you need to create a color palette, choose the colors you want to wear, and know your style. The guides will teach you everything. This step-by-step process for creating a wardrobe plan follows them.

All done? Then let’s get started!

We’ll use three styles and their wardrobe plans as examples, so you’ll see how would this process work for different women. The first style is mine, inspired by natural and romantic. The second is witchy-bohemian and the third is dramatic-artsy. These are the color palettes for each style:

Now that we have colors, we can start. The very foundation of a wardrobe plan is one versatile bottom (skirt or pants) in your main neutral color. It should be something you can wear to work, shopping, with a nice blouse even to the theatre or go casual by pairing it with a plain t-shirt. The exact fit and type of skirt or pants depends on your style.

The second item is shoes. They should go with the rest of your wardrobe (i.e. usually also a main neutral, but you can find another suitable colour), be office-appropriate, subtle and comfortable. In a more modern style, they might be oxfords, in a more feminine style, perhaps ballerinas.

The third is a sweater. Again, it should be quite simple, classic and versatile, be it a button-down or a cardigan. It basically replaces a blazer, but if a blazer suits your style, you can choose a blazer instead of a cardigan.

Finally, a neutral top. For the romantics, this would be a t-shirt or a top with lace, and for the rest, a plain t-shirt of a flattering cut.

As for colors, it’s usually said that this entire foundation should be monochromatic (in a main neutral). Personally, I’m more in favour of this basic outfit also being interesting and wearable, therefore in multiple colors. Because I personally don’t like monochromatic outfits. So it’s up to you. You can keep everything minimalistic in one color (totally ok for some styles) or choose a top and sweater in other neutrals than your main one, or even in accents. But always try to keep this foundation in colors that go with all the other colors in your palette. If you’re not making a list, but a picture, you can see right away how it all works together and whether you like the first, neutral outfit and could wear it as is, for example to work.

Now let’s see what this wardrobe foundation would look like for the different styles. 


A dark brown skirt as a staple and a white blouse with small blue and green flowers (I have green and blue in my palette as well). For this, comfortable ankle boots that can be worn all year round except in the scorching summers and harsh winters. And finally, a neutral beige sweater – this one is cashmere, so it’s more suitable for autumn and winter, but it’s a good investment because it will keep me warm for many years and in this color it goes with just about everything. Color-wise, this combination is quite dull, so I would probably choose at least a skirt in a bolder color for everyday wear, but as a neutral wardrobe base, this four are perfect.

P.S. I don’t normally wear blouses, so this is an exception in my wardrobe, but the purpose of the first outfit is to have something for work, interviews, etc., for which at least one blouse is essential for most styles.


I took the path of least resistance and used brown, white and black. The main neutral in this style’s palette is grey, but a grey skirt or pants in a neutral cut would look too classic for this style. Oxfords are quite common for the witchy style, a white t-shirt is very simple except for the decorative eyelets and a classic black cardigan is always something a witchy woman will utilize. It’s already a pretty legitimate witchy outfit.


This wardrobe for dramatic style with artsy elements has neutral beige trousers and shoes as a foundation, a white turtleneck is suitable for different occasions and since we want to keep this wardrobe colorful and bold, instead of a beige sweater I chose a bold turquoise blazer, which is incidentally the other neutral. Because a neutral for a more bold style doesn’t have to be bland, it’s just important that it matches the other colors.

To sum it up, the first four are:

  • a timeless skirt or pants in the main neutral color
  • office-appropriate, versatile shoes for spring and fall also in main neutral
  • a light neutral blouse or shirt or a nice t-shirt
  • basic sweater, cardigan or blazer in matching color

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