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My name’s Nerisa Kaloshin. I’m style consultant and my specialization is autheticity. Basically, I tell women what kinds of clothes suit not only their body, but also their personality and lifestyle.

I write, consult style, plan wardrobes and manage membership area (currently not available in english, but that may change with time).

I would love it if every woman knew her style and wore it with pride. 

And I’d like to help you be that woman, too!

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You have a style when you...
  • are unique and yourself
  • only buy clothes you need and will wear
  • know what suits you
  • wear clothing that’s typical for you
  • are not afraid to differ from others
  • are happy with what you wear

The many faces of style

You can find more than twenty style personalities on this website to inspire yourself, but those are not all the options.
There’s no limit. Everybody is different.People usually has a specific combination of two or more styles,
creating a completely unique style for each individual every time. So I don’t really work with any typology. No limits for you.

Your style can be similar to one of those below, but it probably will not be.

Do you need to have a style?

You’ve been just fine without it up until now.  So why should you spend time
and money in search for it? Shops are full of clothes. You’ll just buy something.
Case closed. Right? Well I can’t really make your choice for you, but the options are…

Stick with the old ways

You'll leave this website and will continue wearing mediocre stuff and being invisible. You'll buy a new item each season, one that won't go well with the rest of your garments. You'll keep saying you feel the most comfortable in jeans and tee anyway. And the tip of the iceberg (your style) is gonna be a leather jacket.

Motto: I don't care how I look.

Try it differently

You'll choose the change and start searching for you style. And you will find it after a while. Yes, it may cost you, but it will be worth it and you'll save money for unnecessary shopping. People will remember you and know right away what kind of person you are. The best part? A wardrobe full of clothes you wear and love.

Motto: Fashion is self-expression.

Your guide

I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, a fantasy and nature lover and a woman, who wants to do things her way. I started my journey by sewing clothes and selling them through czech equivalent of Etsy (yes, I live in the Czech Republic, a small country in central Europe), but I quit doing that after a while and now I focus solely on style consulting and writing.

I’ve spent years trying to discover my own unique style, read a lot about fashion and styles. I’ve tried a few of them too, f. e. natural, gothic, romantic, strega or fantasy. Once I’ve been finally sure who I am and what’s right for me, I’ve started helping others to figure out the same.

Choose your journey:


Let me do all the work. I will find your style using all my knowledge and experience. You'll just send me a picture of yourself and answer a few questions.


Go on a journey and find your style yourself. It may take some time, but you'll get to know yourself better and have fun along the way. I will be there for you the whole time, so you don't get lost.

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