Are you tired of wearing jeans and T-shirts?

Don't be afraid of being yourself!

We are all unique, let it show in our style.

You might not know which style is right for you, yet. Maybe you’re unhappy about your wardrobe, have nothing to wear and don’t know what suits you… Let’s find out who you are and what you should wear. Learn to dress – the authentic way.

You may wonder...

  • How do I know if I already do have a style (or not)?
  • What does it mean to dress in an authentic way?
  • How many styles do exist?
  • How do I find my style?
  • How long will it take?
  • And how will I know what to buy and wear?

I’ll try to answer as many of these as I can.

You have a style when you...
  • are unique and yourself
  • only buy clothes you need and will wear
  • know what suits you
  • wear clothing that’s typical for you
  • are not afraid to differ from others
  • are happy with what you wear

You can find your style if you...

Read and explore

I'm working on a series of posts about style (currently available in czech only) and of course you can search through the internet. Maybe you'll find your answers. If not, maybe in future I will finish the style guides. Those would help you so much you have no idea 🙂

Inspire yourself

Watch other people who dress well. Search through the Pinterest. Think about what you like and would like to wear. And discover as many new styles as you can! But remember to stay true to yourself, don't copy like a zombie.

New Posts

The Author

I’m a czech “master of style”, a wife, a fantasy and nature lover and a woman, who wants to do things her way. I started my journey by sewing clothes and selling them through czech equivalent of Etsy (yes, I live in the Czech Republic, a small country in central Europe), but I quit doing that after a while and now I focus solely on style consulting and writing.

I’ve spent years trying to discover my own unique style, read a lot about fashion and styles. I’ve tried a few of them too, f. e. natural, gothic, romantic, strega or fantasy. Once I’ve been finally sure who I am and what’s right for me, I’ve started helping others to figure out the same.

Now I focus on other projects, but I still share my “know-how” here.

Nerisa Kaloshin