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I became interested in fashion styles when I was about twelve. First it was the seasonal color typology, which for a long time made me incorrectly think that cool colors suited me because I thought I was a summer. Then I discovered gothic style and for time only dressed in black. But eventually it stopped working for me but I didn’t know what else to wear.

So I gave up and for a couple of years I wore what the Czechs call “casual style” – t-shirts, jeans, gray cold colors… I didn’t feel comfortable in that, but I didn’t know how to find my personal style. I was desperate. I had a wardrobe full of things I didn’t like, everything was so dull and I felt like I had no real style.

I started looking more into different fashion styles, especially in English because Czech websites were not good enough at the time. I stumbled upon Kibbe’s typology and switched to a more (theatrical) romantic style. Czech Octo Codes typology was also on every women’s site at the time, but I quickly realized that picking one of its narrow categories wasn’t the right way to develop a personal style.

The biggest turning point for me was when I decided to abandon all style and color typologies and instead found my own way to create my own personal style and a capsule wardrobe. I now share how to do this in the guides on the site. I blogged and gave style advice for years before I quit a few years ago, but I’m still trying to improve this site and I’d love for it to be a place for you to learn all you can about style – and especially how to create your own personal and unique style.

Nerisa Kalošin

Nerisa Kalošin

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