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Witchy style

A few years ago I discovered the witchy style under the name Strega and immediately fell in love with it. I didn’t understand how it was possible that I had seen so many typologies but none of them worked with the aesthetics of witches. Yet a witch is the archetype that means something to everyone. Whether you see an old hag with a wart on her nose dressed in rags or a sexy Halloween costume, in both cases the image affects a certain spectrum of witchy style (or witch core).

What's a witchy woman like?

Witches have a close relationship with nature and, of course, witchcraft.

They are drawn to the supernatural, druidism or shamanism, they may have pagan religion, believe in fairies, worship Mother Nature – simply put, being a witch is a choice, but one that not everyone will make. So, if you’re into witchcraft anyway, you won’t go wrong if you explore the witchy style among the first. Witches also often have a connection to the past, to their ancestors.

Much can be written about the nature of witches. First of all, like bohemians, they have a love of freedom and individualism, and they love nature and feel connected to it. They resemble the ethereals in that they prefer depth to shallowness, they often share with the goths a fondness for darkness, and with the rockers a tendency towards rebellion and self-awareness – they follow their heads and have no problem being “bad girls”. The archetypal witch is, in short, an individual who lives by her own rules, is not afraid of the darker sides of herself or others, believes in things between heaven and earth, honors Mother Nature, and follows her intuition. She has clearly established boundaries and won’t let anyone mess with her.

How does witchy style look?

A witch can be dressed in layers of black clothing or wear a tight minidress and a pagan symbol around her neck. Hats, high boots, silver jewellery, capes and loose sweaters are typical. The primary colour is black in combination with brown, beige, green, grey, red, purple, …

But there is a variety of witches – some stick to dark clothes, others are more like the ” nice ” herbalists in brown or white. Some are covered from head to toe like hags, others are very seductive and enjoy it. It depends on the character and what other styles elements a woman has besides the witchy style.

Example of witchy wardrobe and outfits

Witchy style is not for you? Try another.

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