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Gothic style

The gothic subculture is a product of 1980s England. It was originally born out of punk, but today has many forms and offshoots. At first glance, the gothic style is easily recognizable, whatever form it takes. Few people will think about whether it is more of a punk-gothic style or more of a Victorian goth style. The main attributes of this style are present in all its forms – black color, paleness, inspiration from the past, obvious darkness and often more or less hidden provocation. This style is only for the brave.

Not because other goths are somehow “bad people”, quite the opposite, but often gothic clothing provokes reactions from other people that can be unpleasant. It depends on where you are and what exactly you’re wearing, but in my experience it can be a bit rough. On the other hand, everyone with a personal style that’s kinda rare experience this. A lot of us had to learn to water down our style to not be stared at.

What is a gothic woman like?

It’s always easier to describe the nature of people whose style is backed by a subculture or movement. Basically, their lifestyle is already determined and their clothes have evolved from it. Gothic comes from music – specific dark rock (not metal as some incorrectly think). However, I’ll allow myself the “blasphemy” and say that I don’t think every gothic has to listen to this music. Respectively, it may be tricky to classify yourself as a part of a subculture if you’re not into what it was founded on, but no one can forbid you from shopping at a metalshop – or can they?

Often though, they will like the music, at least some bands, because – they generally like darkness and things of a melancholic nature. Now let’s forget all those prejudices like goths don’t laugh, cut themselves and worship the devil – that’s nonsense. They are usually very tolerant of people of different faiths, sexualities and lifestyles, and have a live and let live mentality. They can find beauty in things others find morbid. I would best describe what unites them and gives shape to their clothing as – they don’t necessarily seek out darkness, but they can and do find it fascinating, but the main thing is that they are not afraid of it.

While the rest of the population turns its face away from the inevitable reality of death, from the suffering of others, from unusual forms of sexuality that frighten and repel them – the goth girl takes it as a part of life that there is no point in running away from.

How to wear gothic style?

It is a style that most people can recognize at first sight, it is quite widespread, it has already inspired the world fashion. It is most often recognised by the predominance of black and typical elements such as lace, velvet, fishnet stockings, motifs of spider webs, crosses and bats, complemented by dark make-up and black or red hair.

However, there are also deviations, other colors and forms. For example, a historical, Victorian variant or a more punkish one with mohair and leather trousers.

Example of gothic style wardrobe

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