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Girly style

Some women just don’t age. They still look at least ten years younger than their actual age; and even when they eventually get grey hair, they still have that youthful sparkle in their eye that makes you forgive them for things you think are not appropriate for their age. It’s easy to see this in women of Asian descent, but there are also European and American women whose age doesn’t diminish their youth. These women are great candidates for girly style.

You can tell a girl by the fact that she not only looks young, but also looks totally appropriate in clothes that resemble those of little girls – such as A-line or Empire dresses, circle skirts and collared blouses. On the other hand, revealing tops or minidresses do not suit them, they give the impression that they are just “playing grown-up” – even if they are in their thirties. Another woman would look infantile in shoes with a bow, but not this eternal girl. Romantic women also look good in ruffles, but short schoolgirl skirts and collars look terrible on them, while they wear, say, deep v-necks or sweetheart necklines as if they were born for them.

What is a girly woman like?

They usually have a rather sweet nature, playful, friendly and cheerful. They get easily excited and seem to avoid the bitterness inherent in most adults. Relationships are important to them, they like kids and animals, they like cute things, and they watch Disney movies all the time (but so do a lot of people in other styles).

They’re similar to the classic ones in that they know very well how to behave, what’s proper and appropriate. They can be good little girls who can’t assert their needs and try to please everyone; ladies who outwardly appear quite capable and sensible and don’t show their playfulness much; or spoiled princesses who expect others to take care of them and they don’t have to try. The young rebels who seem to be permanently stuck in adolescence tend to be more in the tomboy style.

How to wear girly style

Their youthful face and figure can handle girly clothes into old age, and even in old age they still wear elements of girly style such as bows, polka dots, round collars, A-line and empire cuts, ruffles,… Only the circle skirts are replaced by A-line or straight skirts.

Girly style is a classically feminine style, so girly women will prefer dresses and skirts, or at least wear nice blouses and jackets with trousers. They will wear earrings with flowers rather than pearls, and in moderation they may also wear animal prints (such as tiny birds or bees).

Example of wardrobe in girly style

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