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Fantasy style

From warriors to dryads to witches, humans to elves, the fantasy style takes many forms and is not easy to describe. So what do all these forms have in common? It stems from history, mythology, games, movies and literature in the fantasy genre. Therefore, it seems that a person in fantasy style constantly wears a costume – or at least fantasy clothing that bears some resemblance to a costume. Perhaps a caped cloak or a coat with decorative lacing to go with a long dress.

What is a woman in fantasy style like?

Not every fantasy enthusiast is in fantasy style, but almost all fantasy-style people are fantasy enthusiasts. Does that make sense to you? So, to elaborate a bit, you can play Dungeons & Dragons, go to LARPs as an elf, and have the entire Witcher series in your library, but that doesn’t mean you should wear fantasy clothing in your everyday life. However, if you think fantasy style suits you, but you don’t care about that stuff… you’re probably better off looking for a different style.

However, a love of fantasy takes many forms, and can also manifest itself as an interest in history, mythology and the supernatural, a belief in fairies, a love of nature – similar to the witch style. If I omit the fact that a fantasy woman looks great in fantasy costumes, apart from that relationship to “magic”, fantasy-women have few characteristics in common. Why? Because archetype matters a lot. There are so many different roles in fantasy… One woman will be a witch, one will be a huntress, one will be a queen, etc. So it’s good to think about the second style in order – is it aristocratic, natural, sporty, …?

How to wear fantasy style?

Basically everything that a “normal” person living on the street today wouldn’t wear, or at least elements of that clothing, make up the fantasy style. Hooded cloak, historical dress, tattered barbarian rags, fairy wings, corset, …

And, of course, less conspicuous things, like leather trousers, a green shirt and a fur vest, plus a shoulder bag and lace-up boots. The huntress archetype. It’s up to the individual to decide how much she wants to be cinematic or discreet. The queen can hardly do without her robes (historical dresses) so if she doesn’t have the courage, she’ll go for the noble style and add a few fantasy jewels. But there are subtypes that are quite easy to wear in public.

Fantasy style is not for you? Try another.