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Exotic style

Perhaps people of non-European nationalities would be surprised at my calling it an exotic style, because for them, dressing in that style would be a normal part of their culture. They might then call this style traditionally Indian, Japanese or Arabic, but for us Europeans it is exotic. It is mostly inspired by Asian and Arabic (Orient) clothing. Sometimes it is also inspired by Africa – for example in jewellery. Clothes with these elements can be found in ordinary shops today, just look for cuts, patterns and materials. It is characterized by tunics, white trousers, interesting patterns, embroidery and materials such as silk.

Who is a woman in exotic style?

The exotic woman resembles a dramatic or an aristocratic woman. She has an aura of mystery about her. She likes luxury and nice things and she likes to travel and discover new cultures. She is at home by the sea. She cares about education, if she doesn’t learn languages and has no degrees, at least she will learn to understand herself and the things that interest her. Exotic clothes are often striking, patterned, made of expensive materials. Therefore, this woman also has no problem being seen – this style does not overpower her, but underlines her. She has a strong personality and behaves like a lady. She simply won’t sit on the curb in that silk.

Unlike aristocratic women, she tends to be less family-oriented and more individualistic; although she is very feminine, she prefers a career and would rather adopt children, and may be interested in charity work.

How to wear exotic style?

Exotic clothing is often patterned, typically featuring peacocks, cherry blossoms, various intricate designs, even large, striking and multicolored. Above all, her coats should not be boring. She will also not shy away from larger jewelry, embroidery, shoes inlaid with rhinestones and luxurious materials such as silk, satin, brocade.

The cut of her dress resembles a kimono – wider sleeves, hemlines under the breasts and at the neckline. She can wear a sari or classic trousers with an Arab-style linen blouse and gold sandals. If she’s more natural, she’ll go for an African “ethno” style.

Exotic style is not for you? Try another.