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Ethereal style

Light as a feather, otherworldly, pure and maybe even slightly disturbing – an ethereal style. People in this style look as if they are always somewhere else in spirit, in another place, another time, maybe they seem a bit like from another planet. They have something mysterious, untouchable about them. They resemble angels, gods or demons (in a dark, dramatic version). They seem fragile or cold, as if carved out of marble.

What is an ethereal woman like?

Most ethereal people exude an inner peace. They are often spiritual or involved in subjects such as religion, philosophy, psychology, … They seek depth and prefer simplicity, which is also reflected in their style. Outwardly they tend to be quiet and calm, unless they have a stronger other more expressive style. They may have a certain down-to-earth connection, or be sensitive dreamers, but rarely will they be people who value material possessions. They seek a more profound sense of purpose. So sometimes, especially at a younger age, they may run away from the problems of the contemporary world into fantasy. But if they learn not to run away from problems and face them, they can become empathetic, patient counselors, psychologists, teachers, diplomats, or health and social service workers.

How to wear ethereal style?

People in this style are characterized by certain physical characteristics by which they can be easily recognized – oval face; light skin, hair and eyes; tall and slender figure. Their faces tend to be peculiar rather than typically beautiful – narrow lips, prominent cheekbones. Sometimes they look genderless. As actors, they could easily play both male and female roles (Tilda Swinton is a perfect example of an ethereal actress). But combined with a different style, they can also have rounder, fuller characteristics (typically ethereal + romantic or girlish).

The main characteristic of their style is usually white, they wear very soft and light materials, chiffon, tulle, looser simple cuts; jewelry is usually long, with intricate and oval shapes. The typical ethereal motif is the feather and the typical clothing is long, straight, light white dress.

Example of ethereal wardrobe and outfits

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