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Bohemian fashion style

What is a “bohemian” anyway? Auntie Wikipedia says: “While early bohemians were people who made the conscious choice of prioritizing intellectual, artistic, and spiritual pursuits over career paths and the acquisition of wealth, nowadays the term bohemian includes wanderers, adventurers, and even vagabonds.” The lifestyle of today’s bohemians is not so unconventional anymore and their style, boho or bohemian style, is actually quite modern and quite common, unless you work in a bank.

People in the bohemian style may sometimes, because of similar values, consider being in the creative style. These styles have a few things in common – an emphasis on creativity, individualism, and an aversion to convention. The difference is that the bohemian wants to live in a caravan, roam the woods, be in touch with nature as much as possible, and free themselves from the constraints of civilization; whereas the creative wants to live more urban, hang out in cafes, study philosophy, and someday establish themselves in society as an extravagant artist.

What's a bohemian woman like?

The boho style is inspired by both the Gypsies and the hippies, so you could also say that the bohemian is a kind of “hippie”, and she doesn’t take it as an insult, but she is proud of it. She loves her freedom above all else, may be prone to a nomadic life, and would prefer to travel all the time – home is where she hangs her hat. Nature and creativity are also very important to her, and she may be passionate about things such as global warming or get involved in social or political issues.

Bohemians are highly individualistic and dislike boxes and restrictions. They will always have their own minds and go their own way, it is rather rare for someone strongly bohemian to work in an office and wear clothes that are completely out of place, usually (unless they have some strong inhibitions from their upbringing for example) bohemians have been bohemians for a long time and no one will discourage them.

How to wear bohemian style?

The bohemian style is very flamboyant, not necessarily in terms of color (the colors are more natural – white, brown, but also darker, earthy, green, red, orange), but in terms of styles and materials. Cotton white blouses or dresses with lace, long, wide skirts, floral patterns, shawls over the shoulders, hats, striking jewellery, …

Or flare pants, crop tops, wreaths, and round sunglasses. They’re also drawing inspiration from ethno style – wild patterns, etc.

An example of bohemian wardrobe

Boho style is not for you? Try another.

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