Your Authentic Style
What does "the authentic way of dressing" mean?

To put it simply… I have no idea how to put it simply, but I’ll try my best.

Let’s start with the word “authentic”. You can use it when you talk about life, people, emotions, art and of course – fashion. It’s almost the same as word “true”, but the ways in which we use it are different.

So to be authentic means to be true. To be true to yourself, to your word, feelings, values. An authentic person would say the truth (that doesn’t mean to be hurtful, just honest), keep their promises, do things they really want to do and live a life they want to live. They won’t do what makes them feel bad and let people treat them bad. Why? Because they are true to themselves and that’s what really matter. Accepting who you are and living how you want to, how you should live – to be happy. 

Three main traits of authentic people are:


No hipocrisy, no lies. They will tell the truth or stay silent. They won't lie to others, neither to themselves. They're okay with who they are and don't hide under a mask.


They will never betray their truth. They won't change for others, they will honot their values and do what they deem right. They respect themselves and others.


It's scary to be authentic, different from everybody else, to tell the unpopular truth. You need courage to keep doing that even when you're afraid. They're scared too, but they persist.

Being authentic is also…

In life: Knowing what you want and going after it. Refusing what’s wrong for you. Accepting what you like. Trying to openly communicate what you think and what you need. Being considerate, but never self-sacrifice. Being assertive. Bearing responsibility for you life, not blaming others. Knowing your values and “moral code”. Knowing yourself and not trying to change who you are, not trying to be “perfect”.

In work: Being happy with what you do and knowing why you do it. Working in a company that doesn’t compromise your values. Or at least doing all you can to change your job situation if it’s not working for you. Also, you probably use your strengths and you’re aware of your weaknesses.

In relationships: Being polite, but always honest. Favour quality over quantity. Spending time with people you truly, honestly like. Never wearing a mask – not even at job interview or at first date. Not trying to be someone else to make someone like you, knowing that deception won’t get you a meaningful relationship.

Hobbies: Doing what you like! And not caring what friends, parents or society want you to do or what they approve of. 

Fashion: Wearing what suits you, has the right colors, honors your lifestyle and is comfortable and makes you feel good and yourself! 

I think there’s no happiness without authenticity. You can’t be happy until you know what makes you happy, right? Doing what others think you shuld be doing doesn’t work. 

Being “a good girl/boy” can’t make you a happy adult. So if you are not at least trying to be authentic yet, it’s time for a change. Get to know yourself and what you like and want. Go get that! Change your life, get another job or friends or partner if neccessary. It’s not gonna happen overnight, but being as much authentic as possible is what will really make you feel good. Also, change your clothes if you’re not happy with them. Wear something authentic, too.

Authenticity and fashion

Wearing things that not only make you feel comfortable and happy, but are also true to yourself – that’s what being authentic in fashion is all about. It’s ignoring what’s trendy and fashionable. You want to wear things that show who you are, what you believe in, what you like, what’s important to you. Your clothes should be dictated by your personality, your true self, rather than fashion or idols or any other outer authority. To dress in an authentic way simply means – dress to feel like yourself. But knowing that and knowing how to do that is not the same. I know it, that’s why I’m writing all this, that’s why I’ve created this website.

I’m here to help you discover your true personality and show you how to make that personality shine in clothes that truly fit not only your body, but also your mind and soul. So if you’re bold and loud your clothes might be the same. And if you love nature and need your space, your style may be much calmer, natural, simple. So, who are you? 

Let’s be honest here – it may look like it’s all about clothes but it’s not. There’s no way to dress in an authentic way while you’re not authentic in your life as whole. You can’t lie to yourself about who you are and what you want and still wear the right clothes. I know it, I’ve seen it. If you’re not already authentic and someone (like me) tells you what you should truly wear, you won’t accept that. You may think it’s not you. You may even hate clothes like that, thinking they’re suitable for people other than you, maybe people you even hate, while at the same time you’re being oblivious to the simple truth that you hate yourself. Or at least a part of you – important part, that should and would show in your style if you wore the right one for you. 

If you’re not honest with yourself, it’s also impossible to find your authentic style without help. The things you don’t like about you are the things you can’t see. You don’t let yourself see them, because you can’t accept them. And thus you miss an important part(s) of you that you have to see to find your own unique style. So to dress in an authentic way also means to work on yourself and on being authentic in other areas of your life. It’s a work, sometimes hard one, but the benefits are so great I’m sure it’s worth it. 

The benefits of wearing what’s right for you…

– you know what to buy and what to avoid

– feeling comfortable and yourself

– owning clothes suitable for all things you like to do

– functional capsule wardrobe! less shopping!

– being inetersting for people who are like you or would like who you are

– looking good!

– knowing not only what to wear, but also who you are and how to live


And some disadvantages…

– you may be more noticeable and may not like it

– you may have some difficulties with finding nice clothes in shops

– no more lying and hiding, no more masks (isn’t that scary??)

– changing things – maybe more than just clothes

– your current friends and partner might not like your “new” you (if you wore a mask before)

– buying new clothes may be expensive for a while, until you have enough of them to stop shopping altogether


I’ve been there, hating what I wore, unhappy with my clothes, completely sure I’m missing something there ’cause I’ve tried so many clothes and styles and nothing really fits. Nothing made me feel good. Now I’m living a different story with solid understanding of who I am and what’s right for me, having that nice capsule wardrobe which I’m only slowly improving now searching for things I know I want but haven’t found yet. It’s worth it! You can do it, too.