Get inspired

There are unlimited options when it comes to fashion. You can get inspired almost anywhere – on streets and  magazines, in movies and nature, … Humanity has invented dozens of styles up until now and will probably continue making even more. We live in an era of possibilities. You can wear what you want. Do it!

Those styles do have some guidlines and typical elements, but they also provide a lot of space for creativity and imagination. So here they are – both regular and unusual. I think everybody can find a style that can at least get their attention, maybe unfluence their fashion sense or even – feel like home.

And I’ve made an effort to not only talk about looks, but also personality. How does a romantic look and feel like? What kind of lifestyle is right for them? And is it right for you?

Styles for Women

I’m working on it…

Style typologies

What is a style typology? It’s a theory that says that everybody on earth can fit into one of given styles. Every typology has a limited number of specific styles and works only with those. You basically have to choose one and dress accordingly to its description. I think typologies can be a great inspiration if not followed religiously, so just to name two:

David Kibbe’s body types typology:

Probably the most famous of them all. Kibbe  uses 5 basic and 8 combined styles and you choose one of them based on your body and face characteristics. It’s been massively used and even extended due to its popularity. Two other styles – ethereal and ingenue – were added by other stylists. 

Dressing Your Truth from Carol Tuttle

It consists of four types that are noticeably similar to Seasonal Color Types. The only difference is that the styles should be based on personality traits and determine not only the right colors, but also shapes, patterns and so on. Unlike Kibbe’s typology, this one is a one-woman-typology, very limited and not so inspiring (in my opinion).