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3 membership plans

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The Reader

The first level of membership allows you to read all premium posts. You can also buy any of the modules anytime (more about this below).

It’s the perfect membership plan for people who already know their style, but watch the posts nevertheless and still want to read them all.

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The adventurer

The second level allows you to not only read premium posts, but also gives you an access to first three modules – colors, personality and creating style. So you can get all the information neede to find your style and (almost) have it all.

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The expert

The Expert really do get it all – posts, all modules (including detailed descriptions of all styles) AND can choose one of my services and get it for free, for example consultation or cpasule wardrobe plan. Can it get any better? The membership plan for those who need to know everything there is about style.

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Want to stay updated?

After paying for a year as the Adventurer or the Expert you automatically gain a 30% discount for your next order. 


The list of all content available in the membership area.

You need to have at least the 1st level of membership to be able to buy each of the modules separately
or you can access them once you have the required membership level.


Premium posts

A new post each week + access to all preceding.

I’m going to share my tips and secrets with you and you’ll get to know more about style than ever.

for all members

Know your style and self

A package of handy exercises, videos and information that will help to get to know yourself better and decide what kind o style might be right for your unique self. 

the aventurer or expert required

Style manual

All about style and how to create and describe yours, including Pinterest board. Feelings, expression, elements, shapes, mixing styles, …
The complete guide. 

the aventurer or expert required

3-factorial color typology

Learn the three factors that separate shades of colors from each other, master the art of personal colors and find your best colors for all the occasions. 

the aventurer or expert required

Detailed style personalities

Exhaustive description of more than 20 styles. How do they look like, how do their wearers live and how to spot a romantic blouse or a dramatic skirt? This module will answear that.

the expert required

Capsule wardrobe

Knowing your style might just be enough to be happy, but having a great, functional wardrobe is even better. Take that next step and learn how to create the perfect wardrobe.

the expert required