Get to Know Your-self

What’s the first thing you need to know to find your style?

You need to know who you are of course!


1. Clothes Talk

This is the start of your journey of self-discovery. Welcome! In the first lesson you’ll learn more about why it’s so important to wear the right clothes and why people judge you based on what you wear. 

2. Self-discovery

Being honest to yourself is not easy! Let’s start with a couple of tips that will help you stay on the right course.

3. The Bare Minimum

Are you a dreamer or down-to-earth? What is the bare minimum you need to know about yourself anyway?

4. Your Ideal Self

Striving to be who you want to be can be a great motivation or a great curse. It’s important to know who you want to be and how you feel about yourself. Do you accept who you are or do you try to be someone better?

5. Going Deeper

There are many barriers keeping you from seeing yourself for who you truly are. What are those barriers and how to overcome them? Let’s find out.

6. Archetypes

Who would you play were you in a movie? What type of fictional character would be your soulmate? What’s your archetype?

7. You and Them

Do they like you or do they like you not? Wanting to be liked is one of the biggest obstacles we face on a journey of self-dicovery and self-acceptance. So, how exactly do opinions of others limit your self-expression?

8. What Do You Like?

Some things you like are really meant to be part of your style, so it’s important to look at you likes and dislikes, though it’s not always the best way of finding your style.

9. The Power of Prejudice

Sometimes we are the things we hate the most, so knowing what you hate may help you open your eyes.

10. What's Your Style?

The journey of self-discovery is a never-edning one, but we have to end somewhere, so we do. It’s time to collect all you’ve learned and do something creative with it!