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Dramatic style

How do you recognize dramatic style at first sight? Very easily. It’s plain to see, you can’t miss the women who go all out. But they don’t even have to be dressed in their own style to attract attention. Of course, when they’re not dressed right, a plain black t-shirt serves them much better than something too sweet or a natural blouse. They have a sharpness, a distinctiveness, and a power about them. The dramatic woman is the tough manager or lawyer who has no problem winning a verbal duel and the demanding diva who leaves no one in doubt who was the star of the movie.

The dramatic personality often comes with dramatic facial features, a prominent chin and cheekbones, a bony figure (she tends to be tall), sometimes even appearing a little unfeminine, more similar in her angularity to men (Cher is a prime example of a dramatic face). Even her natural coloring can encourage the wearing of stark contrasts – both colors and shapes.

What is a woman in dramatic style like?

Dramatic people are leaders, critics, organizers, and authorities in whatever field they choose. They are perfectionists and have high expectations of themselves and others. They know how to impress. If anyone knows what an image is, it’s a dramatic person. That’s why they make great celebrities, photographers, directors, artists, and marketers. Imagine the deep voice of Lana del Ray and the atmosphere of one of her music videos. Or the unapologetic demeanour of Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada.

They can be very generous and give away their time and money, they can be secluded and spend most of their time in the comfort of their home, or they can be almost never home and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city – where you find them more often than in the countryside. It’s too small for them. Rarely are they family types, they may have children and leave the care to a partner or nanny and pursue work and interests – like collecting antiques.

How to wear dramatic style

If their natural colour scheme allows it, they prefer bold colors and extravagant combinations. Black goes well with them, a more restrained dramatic outfit can be a black sweater with a bold piece of jewellery and skinny jeans (colourful ones, of course). The shapes of their jewellery are sharp, the lines of their clothes straight. They don’t have to be afraid of ruffles – but big, striking ones, not sweet and delicate ones. One big flower is better than a tiny one, and so it is with everything. The typical pattern of the dramatic ones is stripes.

Example of a wardrobe in dramatic style

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