Some hate it (usually people in classic style), some adore it, some try to wear it, some were born for it. The alluring style is as old as seduction. Mistress, geisha, femme fatale. Cleopatra, Mata Hari, Marilyn Monroe or biblical Salomé. Alluring style has many faces. Sometimes balancing at the edge of vulgarity, sometimes it’s much more subtle – the style of the famous. Alluring style might be sometimes mistaken for aristocratic style, women in both styles love luxury, but not all, not always. It’s very similar to how it was back then in those old palaces and castles. Aristocratic wives had the power, fortune, manners and husbands, but hearts of those men were in hands of their mistresses, who surely had power, fortune and beautiful jewelry, too, but faced disdain. Though they usually had more fun and didn’t try so much to be seen as “ladies”.


They are born seductresses, they know how to get what they want from them. They hide ambition, intelligence and a talent for manipulation under smiley, nice, maybe even naive or silly, exterior. It’s not like they’re all “bad”. They know how to love with all their hearts and souls, not only men, but also friends, children and family. Their charisma is legendary. It’s up to them how much of that power they want to use for their selfish wants and needs and how much they want to make world a better place or something like that. Charisma is useful in both romance and charity. Alluring ladies are usually confident (no matter their age or body type) and not afraid to have their way in life. If their behavior makes you gasp for air in shock, well, deal with it. They don’t care. Alluring women are not very popular among other ladies. They’re often attractive (thanks to that confidence and talent to capture male attention), single or not really commited and seen as dangerous, so wives watch their husbands very closely in their presence and alluring women are not that welcome in their homes. 

They’re feeling their best surrounded by their admirers, though they can take care of themselves when needed. These women are afraid of aging and don’t take it well, they mourn their lost beauty when older; and might hate younger, prettier women. But many of them are not so stupid to wait for time to catch up and knock them down from their throne. They will plan in advance, try to make themselves financially secure while they’re still young. Alluring women don’t like poverty, they care for money more than for their reputation. Some of them have great careers using their charisma (singers, actors, models, etc.), some marry rich ’cause why not if you can. Maybe you can buy love afterall.

Dobře se jim daří v profesích, kde pracují s lidmi – klidně mohou být i právničkami, ale častěji budou spíše masérky, kadeřnice a kosmetičky a samozřejmě hlavně herečky, zpěvačky a modelky, v takových profesích totiž získají všechno, co chtějí – peníze, obdiv a slávu; a skvěle využijí kouzlo své osobnosti.


Alluring style is all about shapes, then colors and accessories. It doesn’t matter if alluring woman wears fitted suit with a lace bra underneath, tight top and shorts showing her booty in the best light possible, minidress with high heels or just a modest cold shoulder dress. There has to be something that catches male attention, be it just a hint of womanly shape or a lot of bare skin. It’s a game for her, she likes to play and uses her body to win. She also likes a touch of luxury, maybe an expensive perfume or glittering jewelry or wearing a pumps with a simple jeans. She’s very sensual so she prefers material that feel good. 

As I said earlier, some alluring women love to provoke and try boundaries, wearing almost nothing when the weather is warmer (especially very young ones do that), but others prefer more sophisticated femme fatale-like style, seducing men by provoking only their imagination. Heavy perfume, tight turtleneck, showing some skin here and there. Alluring women are only women to successfully wear mini, their color is red and their collection of clothes wouldn’t be complete without some interesting lingerie, a garter and lacy or fishnet stockings.

Many would also wear long hair, daring jewelry and a lot of makeup (red lipstick anyone?).

Examples of alluring style with various secondary styles