Nerisa Kaloshin

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I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, a fantasy and nature lover and a woman, who wants to do things her way. I started my journey sewing clothes and selling them through czech equivalent of Etsy (yes, I live in the Czech Republic, a small country in central Europe), but I quit doing that after a while and now I focus solely on style consulting and writing.

I’ve spent years trying to discover my own unique style and read a lot about fashion and personality. I’ve tried a few styles too – natural, gothic, romantic, strega, fantasy… Once I was sure who I am and what’s right for me, I’ve started helping others to figure out the same.

I used to study psychology, but I quit. I hated writing all the essays and studying in general, but I still have some insight into human mind. I’ve always been interested in the topic of authenticity the most (of course). So that, my personal experience and all the information I’ve gathered about various styles is what I use today when identifying styles of others.

I also like gardening, playing rpg games, ballroom dancing, reading, … and I do mostly that in my free time. I also love my husband and our pets (thai cat, dwarf rabbit and shetland sheepdog puppy) and cherish moments I can spend with them. My current biggest dream is to buy a house near forest, so I can spend more time in nature.  


Find your style

Send me a photo of yourself, answer a few questions and I will find your style and send you a lot of information and photos regarding your unique style, so you'll know what's right and what's not. The next step? Buying clothes, enjoying your style and feeling great!

Your best colors

Forget the Seasonal Color Typology. It's outdated. Really. Not everyone can wear only warm or cool colors. Types are too vage. Let's find which colors are the best for you and only you. Who will find them? I will. It's easy. Just send me a profile picture and I will send you your perfect palette.

Capsule wardrobe plan

So you've got a style, but your wardrobe's still a mess. You need a plan and a good one. No problem. I've made my own capsule wardrobe, I can plan yours. It consists of approximately 20 - 50 items in your style and best colors for all the occasions .

Price list

“Find your style” consultation
– complete, online with a Pinterest board and all the information
“Your best colors”
– get your own unique palette
Capsule wardrobe plan$149
All in one package
– find your style and your colors and get your wardrobe plan

Contact me

You can order a consultation or ask me any questions via the form below.

I will reply as soon as possible.