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Membership plans

Choose the one that’s perfect for you:

The Reader

The basic membership plan gives you full access to all premium blog posts. You won’t get any other content, e. g. colors, but you can buy any of the modules separately. 

The ideal membership plan for you if you already have a personal style and you just want to keep learning.

The explorer

You can read all articles and go through many of the modules, except for the detailed descriptions of styles and the Complete Capsule Wardrobe module. 

This membership plan is great for you if you want to find your style yourself, but don’t need in-depth understanding of styles or creating a capsule wardrobe. 

the expert

You will get all articles andaccess to all the modules. So you’ll basically become a fashion expert. And if you’ll ever need my help with something – e.g. creating a capsule wardrobe plan, you’ve got it – for free.

The membership plan for those who just want to have it all.

Stay up to date

Pay for a year as the Explorer or the Expert and get an immediate discount 50% for your next membership prolongation. 

Table of Contents

All you’ll find in the membership section.

Most modules require certain level of membership, but all modules can also be bought separately if you’re at least “the writer” or more.


Premium posts

A whole new post every week + all previous posts.

I will share my tips and tricks with you and you’ll get to know all there is about the authentic way of dressing.

all membership planes

Discover Yourself

The module consisting of handy excercises, videos and tips that’ll help you with finding your own authentic self. 

You’ll learn to understand yourself better, find out what’s important to you and how you view yourself and others.

explorer and expert

Create Your Style

Once you know yourself, you can start with creating your style. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to work with all the details that make a style. Feelings, essences, elements, … 

You’ll find your style, write its description and create a visual Pinterest board to keep you inspired.

explorer and expert

3-faktor Color Typology

Ever heard of seasonal color typology? Well, mine is different.

In this module you’ll understand three color dimensions and how to work with them. You’ll find your best colors for all occasions. And you may even get a certificate and start typing others.

explorer and expert

In-depth Style Descriptions

More than 20 styles.

You’ll learn which style suits whom and – for the most important part – you’ll see just how each style looks, what kind of clothes is perfect for it, and where to buy them. How does a classic skirt or tomboy shirt look like? You’ll know.


Complete Capsule Wardrobe

Having a style is one part. Really wearing it is a whole other level. First and foremost – you need to buy the right clothes and create yourself a functional wardrobe. 

This module will teach you how to create your own capsule wardrobe in your style. You’ll maybe have less clothes, but more options than ever.


Get help

Going through excercises, but still feeling lost? Can’t you see what colors look good on you, don’t you know, which style would suit you or how to create that capsule wardrobe plan? Let me help you. I can clear your obstacles, so you can find your style and finaly enjoy it.

for purchase, for experts for free


I don’t have the exact date. May be sooner or later this year or the next one. I’m going to create the Czech (my native language) one first and after that I will start translating it all into english. 

Sure you can! All you need is to be a registred member, that means having at least “the reader” membership plan for at least one month.

It depends. If you buy a module separately, you’ll have it forever. Or at least until you decide to delete your account.

But if you’re authorised to view the content by being a member (e. g. the Expert) and your membership expires, you will loose access to all content until you renew your membership.

No, your account will exist until you decide to delete it. And you’ll still have access to all modules you’ve bought separately.

And you can renew your membership anytime in future.

You can, but you won’t get back your money, no matter how much time’s still left until it expires. You can only ask for your money back if the content is not the same as promised. 

You can also delete your account anytime, but once you do, there’s no going back. All the content you’ve paid for will be lost.

It’s possible you’ll be the Explorer for a year, find your style and than decide you no longer need access to all modules. So once your membership expires, you can easily switch to another plan, e. g. the Reader. You’ll simply buy another plan than before.

Once you do that, you will no longer be authorised to view content you read before, you’ll only have right that beong to your current membership plan. And of course, all modules you’ve bought separately will stay accessible to you.