Basics of Style – overview

If you want to learn all basic information about how to dress yourself – from where to start to which colors you should choose, how to combine items or how to create your new wardrobe shopping list – this is the right place.

I present to you the complete guide to dressing yourself in the form of thematicaly sorted articles. It’s all you need to know in order to start finding your style.

Impression & Feelings

  • It’s the core of the authentic way of dressing. You have to understand this concept before you go and create your own style.
  • Reading tons of articles is worthless until you are able to listen to your feelings as well. It’s usually the feeling that decides it all.

The way people see you = the impression your style make –> the right style
“I love this!” “I feel so good in this!”
the right feeling –> the right style

Elements of style

  • The elements of style are similar to the particles in chemistry. Elements are the small parts the whole style (and the feel of it) consits of. If you buy an item with romantic touches (elements) and combine it with other romantic clothing items, you’ll create a purely romantic outfit.
  • You can create an utterly new style in the same way. Just combine some elements, maybe write them the description of the style or try to make a few outfits in the new style – and name it.
  • Most people would just combine parts of more styles to create their own style, rather than wearing just one, way too universal style or creating one from scratch. But you can try to do the second thing nevertheless.
  • But how exactly will you know whicg elements are the right ones for you and your style? It may sound cliché, but listen to your feelings and be aware of who you really are, what is your personality like. I think people should be themselves and look like themselves and wear clothes with items that mirror that.

The right elements –> the right look = the right style

Yin & Yang

The simple way: yin = feminine principle; yang = masculine principle

But how is this related to style?

We were talking about impression and feelings. It’s possible to say that yin and yang are representatives of impressions and feelings, too. Some women* look very feminine (and use feminine elements in their styles), some are more yang and use masculine elements instead. Some use both in order to have more balanced style.

Yin and yang can help you with finding your style because there are certain elements and personality traits connected to them already. That being said, how can you tell if you´re more yin or yang?

  • Yin people: the family and relationships are their main area of interest, they want to keep their homes tidy, they’re more empathetic and caring than yang people, they usually love nature and history and don’t have as strong feelings to living in the city and modern era, they may be more talkative and passive and don’t like sports, competition and action so much, they prefer calm environment and think love is more important than work or achievements – striving for promotions and winnings is exhausting for them; they’re homemakers
  • Yin elements: all soft, flowing and round – fabrics, shapes; darker, deeper colors, complexity, frills, ornaments; things saying “I’m vulnerable**, open and passive” (that’s why it is so feminine to wear plunging neclines, skirts and dresses, heels and everything “impractical”)
  • Yang people: the career and achievements are their main area of interest, they want to travel, fight, do sports, be seen, make a difference, be a better person with each passing day, they may even look a little bit cold and self-centered, always talking about their goals and how are they going to achieve them, emotions don’t appear to be so important to them; they tend to rely on their wits and brains more, are quite active and prefer the lound and fast life in the modern big cities
  • Yang elements: all cold, sharp, hard, angular (like steel); bold and bright colors, things that look practical and make them look independent, strong, fast and active (comfy shoes, leather jackets, all sports-like, …)

*There are man who have a lot of yin in them. That of course doesn’t mean they would wear skirts and heels. The right clothes for them have yin elements but are still masculine (like those victorian shirts with ruffles that look so great on yin men with longer hair).

**I know this may be hard for all feminists reading this article, but it’s the truth. The feminine energy is in fact all about vulnerability and passivity, but that doesn´t make it anything less than the masculine energy. It’s just different and it’s beautiful and it’s very much needed in today’s society. We should embrace it and be proud we are (feminine) women instead of trying to be better than men by being more like them.

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