Find a style that's perfect for you

I’ve been there too. A wardrobe full of clothes, but there’s still “nothing to wear”. So you spend every day wearing jeans and T-shirt or something that others told you to wear. You want to be more creative, but have no idea how to do it. It’s time for a change. Let’s do it together.

Why should I have a personal style?

Maybe you’ve been searching for your style for a long time at no avail, so you’re sure you want to find your personal style. But what if you’ve never even thought of that? Why should you spend your time reading about style instead of doing other things you see as far more important? You don’t care about fashion ’cause that would make you shallow… right?

Oh but I’m sure it is important to have a personal style – to dress in a way that’s authentic and says who you are without you even talking. Let your style speak for you. It has many benefits.

The benefits are:

More attention

People will remember you and see you as an interesting person.

Feeling good

Imagine the relief when you no longer have to pretend to be someone else.

Finding "your people"

People similar to you will notice you and find you more appealing.

Saving time & money

You'll no longer buy unnecessary things and spend hour in front of the mirror, unhappy about your appearance.

Looking great!

Noone is going to look better in your style than you. You're born for it.

Caring less

Once your capsule wardrobe is complete, you don't have to spend so much time thinking about your clothes.

I'm in! Where should I start?

The best way to find your style is to enter the membership section.

Do it yourself

You can find your style yourself, but I will help you by sharing all I know through great posts, excercises, quizzes, and more. You’ll get much information about many different styles – how they look, who are they suitable for, etc. You’ll be perfectly prepared to create your own, special personal style.

Let me help you

I’m a style consultant in my home country and though I can’t meet all of you people from all the different countries around the world, I still want to help you somehow. So I will be checking your emails, answering your questions and clearing any uncertainties that may occur. As a member, you can even send me your photo or fill a form for me and I will find your best colors or style for you.

In the meanwhile...

About creating your style

A post that will explain to you the basic terms and rules of creating a personal style.

Style personalities

A basic, free introduction into many styles you'll find in the membership section.


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